Frequently asked questions

Do you give refunds?

We only offer refunds if there's a clear mistake either in the process of you making and order or from our side if we make a mistake. (Such as a duplication of payment)

If you're asking for a refund because your not happy with the service this isn't allowed as we have our free group and give you a free trial before you even need to pay so you shouldn't need to ask for a refund.

If you forget to cancel your subscription and leave it running, no you're not entitiled to a refund. You're in control of your subscription, if you don't cancel it yourself or speak to our team about cancelling then, NO, refunds are not given.

We make the process very easy to sign up and cancel (You cancel in the same place you sign up and if you're unsure speak to the 247 team inside the chatbots)

All refunds are processed once per week and will take up-to 10 business days to clear back into your account, If you've got any further questions please click here to contact support.

Is there a minimum amount of money I need to start trading Forex?

Yes, we recommend to start with at least $100 in your trading account for our signals and ONLY trade one signal at a time with this balance. This will keep your account safe during periods of small drawdown. Click here to claim your free trial

Which sessions do you trade?

We trade both New York and London sessions, our signals drop from 8am UK time, until 3pm EST.

You can also purchase our signal trade copier here which is our very own program that links your telegram channels to your MT4 and will trade/manage signals automatically meaning you'll never miss a trade again!

Click here to find out more!

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247 Customer Support


We have multiple agents working 247 to make sure you receive the most efficient customer service, if you've got any further questions please click the button below and you'll be taken directly into the customer service bot on telegram!

Try Our signal copier!


This program will automate the process for you completely and you can use with ANY signal provider not just us!

You download the program, attach it to your MT4 and signal groups you want to copy the signals from and thats it. 


The program will automatically place/manage the trades that come from your chosen signal groups!